On Saturday, September 9th, 2017 St Peter’s, Bekesbourne, was open as part of the Heritage Open Days festival of history and culture.

Pamela Young, who lead the CFDAS church recorders who created the Bekesbourne Church Record in 2009, was on hand with Stuart Field to explain and expound on the history of the church and its architecture. There was a display of photographs from the village archive including a set of images of weddings through the ages illustrating how the costumes and practices have changed. The earliest wedding photograph dated from 1893 when the third daughter of the Vicar was married in a celebration which involved the whole village.

There were guided tours of the churchyard and children’s activities including a churchyard challenge, colouring masks, bug hunts and hugely popular butterfly nets.

The bells rang out and there was a chance for all ‘to have a go’.

The Friends of Bekesbourne church provided home-made refreshments.

Thank you to all the CDFAS members who came to support and enjoy this happy occasion in Bekesbourne’s church.